Community Habilitation (CH) 

CH is a service designed to facilitate and promote independence, community engagement and capacity building.
While it is similar in scope to residential habilitation supports and day habilitation supports the focus of this service is directed towards service delivery occurring largely in the community (non-certified) settings. Community Habilitation is defined as a “face to face” service in the waiver and in all guidance issued by the NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (NYS OPWDD). Therefore, in order for a service to be billed, the support staff must be with the individual. Community Habilitation offers flexibility to participants and families who wish to have their habilitation services available in a variety of every-day community settings.

Community habilitation is goal oriented and offers skill training and supports as follows:  daily living skill building, travel, health, adult educational supports, communication, social skills, leisure skills, money management, positive behavioral support, life safety, hands-on-assistance provided by staff as necessary, professional services as necessary, self-advocacy, informed choice, community inclusion, and relationship building. Community habilitation may also include personal care, health care, protective oversight and supervision, and program-related transportation but these components do not constitute the entirety of the service.

Community Habilitation has the option for delivery in a self directed manner thus affording the individual, or those who help them, the opportunity for the maximum amount of control over how and when they are supported. NYS OPWDD expects providers of service to facilitate opportunities for self direction with the Community Habilitation service.

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