The Trinity Story

We do a lot to improve life for the individuals in our community!

​​Trinity Assistance Corporation

Providing Innovative Services to People With Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities since 2003

The success of our agency is based on the collaboration of three entities:
First, the heart of our agency:  the people we support, their families & advocates.
Second, our guide and funding source: the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (NYS OPWDD) with our local office here at Finger Lakes DDSO.
Last, at your service:  Trinity Assistance, a not for profit voluntary agency serving people with developmental disabilities with their choices in mind. We help people with developmental disabilities work toward fulfilling their goals and dreams, while maintaining their independence by providing community-based services in an uncertified framework. 

In 2003, Trinity Assistance was born when a group of people (direct care staff, clinical staff, administrators, people with developmental disabilities and families) who shared a passion for  providing individualized services and had firsthand experience working with, caring for and assisting people with developmental disabilities began to see a gap in services. It seemed that with growth, most of services lost their vision. “Individualized” became “homogenized”.  “Independence” was overshadowed by protection. “Integration” never fully emerged and “Productivity” meant life in a workshop or a few days a month of volunteer work instead of earning a fair wage.  Members from Trinity Assistance's board of directors sought out guidance from the FLDDSO to assist them in achieving Trinity’s Mission- to provide personalized, innovative programs designed in partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities; recognizing both their individual choices and common interests and Trinity’s Vision to be recognized by the community and its partners as a world class organization and a premier provider.

Trinity Assistance has a growing number of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities participating in Self-Directed Services through Self Determination, a self-directed waiver program.  This is one of the ways Trinity Assistance provides individualized services to the people we support.  With this service, people with developmental and intellectuals disabilities have the power to self-direct their services. Their voices can be heard and they control the services they receive through a partnership with a Fiscal Intermediary and a circle of support. 

Trinity Assistance flourishes in its ability to provide unique services outside of the traditional certified programs. Trinity Assistance provides a one-of-a-kind hourly (and overnight) site-based Respite program, designed to support those with the most intensive medical needs. This program was designed to provide supports and assistance to people supported, outside of the home to allow flexibility and the ability to go to work during traditional business days and hours for caregivers. Additionally, our overnight site-based Respite allows people supported to spend the night away from home with the staffing and supports needed to provide peace of mind to their caregivers. In Trinity fashion, unlike any other, our site-based Respite also provides Respite services to those ageing out of a school setting.  

For those living within the community, independently, with family, or otherwise, Trinity Assistance provides services through our Community Hab program. Whether it is assistance needed attending a community class, assistance with grocery shopping, or even meal prep, our Community Hab staff are ready and willing to assist! Supports and services through Community Hab, are tailored to be person-centered and designed the way you want it. With oversight by a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP), valued outcomes are created to meet the individualized needs of the people we support. 

The way services are being provided are ever changing and Trinity Assistance is at the forefront in providing qualities services to meet and exceed the needs of the people we support!